Occupational safety as a concept often brings to mind factory environments, the potential hazards of heavy machinery and noise as well protective gear and safety measures. Within an expert organisation, safety at work is generally considered in the context of visits to customer sites and factories rather than office work. In office environments, the idea of occupational health and safety is often reduced to jokes about paper cuts as being the most serious threat, while office ergonomics issues can take a more serious note.


Managing health and safety at work

Health and safety at work usually refers to measures to improve the working environment and conditions and to prevent occupational hazards and diseases as well as other work- and working environment-related dangers. Occupational health measures are based on identifying, assessing and managing risks that may affect employees’ occupational health and working ability and this is the case at Jimexo Tech Oy as well.

Improving productivity and quality

Besides customer visits and ergonomics, health and safety risks also concern mental health and wellbeing. Work safety measures and activities at Jimexo Tech Oy are based first and foremost on risk prevention. Education and training is provided to increase employees’ awareness of workplace health and safety. We also work to improve and maintain employees’ well-being and working ability in cooperation with our occupational health care providers. Management also plays an important role in supporting employees’ well-being and workflow management, developing employees’ skills and enhancing work motivation. Work safety activities also aim to maintain a pleasant and open working atmosphere, where colleagues support each other and share their know-how.

Successful work health and safety activities are also a key component of excellent customer service: the well-being and motivation of our employees is directly reflected in our productivity and the quality of our work.                       

Further information

Timo Heinisuo, Managing Director, Jimexo Tech Oy, +358 400 642 435
Pauliina Kauppila, Safety Engineer, Occupational safety and health manager, Jimexo Tech Oy, +358 40 557 6491