JIMEXO TECH Oy was founded in April 2010. At the time of writing JIMEXO’s Christmas story, our company’s interesting and challenging journey has been in progress for more than eight years and I have had the privilege of observing this journey from a position with a clear view of the entire engineering business. 2018 was not our most challenging year, but it certainly included the biggest changes in the history of JIMEXO TECH Oy.

A significant part of JIMEXO TECH’s history has coincided with an economic downturn which was not the easiest time for a company that had only just started up operations. The downturn, however, taught us how to survive and develop our own activities. We invested in marketing and recruitment and continued the productisation of our services. We also wanted to have a corporate culture based on equality that attracts new talent.

Since the beginning of 2016 until now, our personnel has increased by 130%, and our operating result has multiplied. In the upcoming financial year, we are aiming to generate more than 4 million euros in sales with our 60 employees.  On the basis of our growth figures, you could say that we invested in the right things which made us an interesting company in many ways.

Rejlers Finland Oy approached JIMEXO TECH Oy in June 2018 with the intent of buying our company. After a quick but careful process, we became a subsidiary of Rejlers Finland Oy completely owned by them on 5 November 2018. Our choice of a new parent company is perfect and the two companies complement each other’s service offering incredibly well.

I strongly believe that in the future we will be able to develop our EPCM and EPC projects further and our engineering services will be available across a wider area. I am also happy to continue as Managing Director of JIMEXO TECH Oy and to continue monitoring developments in the field and tackling new challenges. It is through the rationalisation of our activities that we continue to be able to offer better personnel and customer satisfaction.

Our current situation is extremely positive: our prospects for 2019 look promising, we have great people working for us and we have a new owner with wide-ranging expertise in different fields. It is important to understand and utilise the value of these excellent building blocks.

Sometimes, however, it is good to relax and let your thoughts run free, and Christmas offers us all a great opportunity to do just that.




I would like to thank our customers, personnel and partners for an eventful year and I wish everyone a very relaxing Christmas and a positive year in 2019!


Timo Heinisuo


Further information:

Timo Heinisuo, Managing Director, Jimexo Tech Oy, tel. +358 400 642 43